Terms & Conditions

The participant(s) acknowledge receiving and agreeing to the below terms and conditions covering the vacation requested to Vantage World of Greenville, SC.

Reservation / Payment A non-refundable deposit, ($ 100 for hotels only, $ 250 per person for complete land programs, $ 350 for cruises - $ 700 and over as per cruise line regulations - for Antarctica + the full cost cost of air tickets ) is due within 7 days of confirmation. During Trade Fairs or Very High Season (Christmas, Carnival, Easter, etc. in some countries) higher non-refundable deposits are required and will be advised. Full payment is due 30 days before departure (60 days for cruise/Safari - 120 days for Antarctica). Payment of a deposit constitute acceptance of all Terms and Conditions and on credit card payment, participant(s) waive any charge-back rights.

Rates All rates quoted are based on tariffs and exchange rates effective at time of printing or sending the proposal, and are subject to change. All programs will be requoted at time of final payment or you can fully pre-pay at the given rate. US Departure taxes are not included in air-ticket rates. Prices are per person, based on 2 passengers minimum. Single rate still imply that 2 persons minimum are traveling; if a single person wants to travel, and there are no other passengers, additional costs will be charged.

Included / Not Included Everything specifically mentioned in the itinerary in hotels/lodges indicated or similar. Hotel taxes are included in the programs unless mentioned as non included. The right is reserved to substitute hotels. Not included are any item not specifically mentioned as included.

Tour Cost Inclusions Vantage proposed rates include general costs and fees. Once quotes are accepted, rates are binding and no future adjustment for rates paid can be made.

Documents / Vouchers Vouchers and tickets are issued after final payment is received. Final documents CANNOT be issued without a signed copy of this page.

Cancellations/Refunds Your right to refunds if you change or cancel your reservation is limited. Specific cancellation fess are depending on the service requested and available on the web as well as sent to you at confirmation Cancellations must be in writing. Vantage reserves the right to cancel any booking, or part of it, at any time as a result of force majeure or for reasons outside Vantage’s control and full refund of amount paid will be Vantage’s only liability. No refunds will be made for unused travel services while traveling.

Late Bookings / Changes Late bookings (within 30 days) MUST be guaranteed by credit card. Payments within 15 days of departure MUST be by Cashier’s Check/ Credit Card. There is a $30 fee for each change made after confirmation but within 30 days of travel any changes will be treated as a cancellation.

Insurance Due to strict enforcement of cancellation penalties, cancellation insurance is very strongly recommended. With final documents you will also receive information on travel insurance which you will be able to independently subscribe to.

Credit Card Payments We accept AMERICAN EXPRESS, VISA, DISCOVER & MASTER CARD. Verbal authorization binds clients to all terms and conditions and allow us to process reservation at quoted cost. With the reception of documents, card holders acknowledge receipt of services and agree to the obligations with the card issuer.

Documentation U.S. citizens need to have a valid passport. Some countries require a visa. We recommend using a Visa Service Agency to obtain your Visas. Vantage assumes no responsibility for changes in document requirements nor for entry into any destination for any passenger not having proper documentation. Passengers denied boarding because of improper documentation will receive no refund. Full cancellation penalties apply to cancellations due to incorrect documentation.

Air Transportation Once tickets are issued, they are non-refundable and non-endorsable. Once departed you MUST reconfirm all flights after arrival at the destination or the airline may cancel your reservation.

Baggage Normally, internationally checked luggage is limited to a maximum weight not to exceed 44 pounds and 30″x17″x10″ in dimension. Flights within a foreign country may be on smaller aircraft, with luggage limited to 25 lbs. Vantage is not responsible for any baggage charge for excess weight or for any luggage left behind for not complying with these regulations. Due to fast changing rules and regulations on the subject we advise to check with the airline directly before departure for the latest information.

Physical Limitations Passengers able to walk a few hours a day unassisted, will enjoy most itineraries. Handicapped, we regret, cannot participate as there are no facilities to accommodate them.

Schedule & Delays All travel times are based on best information and timetables available at confirmation. It is your responsibility to check with the airline prior to your departure to confirm the time of the flight and to be alerted of any schedule changes. Because of the nature of the destination chosen, changes to schedule and/or itinerary may be necessary locally and may prevent the inclusion of some activities scheduled for the day. No refunds can be given for such eliminations. We also cannot accept any responsibility for losses or accidental expenses due to changes or delays in airline schedules, hotel overbookings, weather, strikes, war, riots, or any other causes. All such losses/expenses are the responsibility of the passenger.

Responsibility Vantage has made arrangements for the tour services described in this brochure through independent contractors which are not the agents or employees of Vantage or its affiliates. All travel vouchers and other travel documents issued by Vantage are subject to the terms and conditions of the supplier; to the laws of their countries and to international conventions between countries. Any complaint should be sent in writing within twenty (20) days of return. Vantage reserves the right to accept or reject any person as a tour participant, to make changes in the itinerary whenever deemed necessary for the convenience or safety of the participant and to cancel a tour at any time. If a tour is canceled, Vantage shall have no liability beyond the refund of all monies paid by the passenger which will be deemed to constitute full and final settlement. If the services included cannot be supplied or there are changes in the program, Vantage will use its best efforts to arrange for comparable services where applicable. Any resulting additional expenses will be the responsibility of the participant. The participant agrees that neither Vantage nor its affiliates and employees, shall be liable for any damages, loss (including but not limited to personal injury, mental distress, loss of enjoyment, death and property loss) inconvenience, or expense occasioned by any act or omission of any supplier providing tour services, or by any change in itinerary unless caused by the negligence of Vantage or its employees in its contractual duty. The tour participant expressly waives all rights which he or she may have against Vantage in connection with the foregoing. No person, other than an officer of Vantage by a document in writing, is authorized to vary or waive any condition in this brochure. Under no circumstances is Vantage to be constructed as a carrier under contract for safe carriage of the passenger or his/her luggage and belongings. No carrier shall have any responsibility except its liability as a common carrier. By enrolling in and paying for a tour, participants agree to accept and are bound by this terms and conditions.

Contact/Communications Vantage World/Vantage Adventures reserves the right to communicate with registered users at various times through e-mail. Upon requesting services with Vantage Adventures, the new potential passenger will automatically be signed up to receive various travel reminder, confirm, welcome home, and periodical newsletter e-mails. Users can indicate preferences for receipt of some of these e-mails. User information will NOT be made available to any other party

Attention: Travel documents WILL NOT BE PROCESSED until we receive acceptance of these Terms & Conditions. VANTAGE will not be responsible for any losses caused by this action – You may sign the form and send it as an e-mail attachment or you may also print this form and FAX TO 864-233-3864 or snail-mail to P.O.Box 5774., GREENVILLE, SC. 29607 PDF (Acrobat Reader) format