The Salone del Gusto

Piedmont foodTurin, a city of taste, is host to the Salone del Gusto, or Salon of Taste. The exhibition, held every two years at Lingotto, organized by Slow Food and the Piedmont Regional Authority, has become one of the finest food and wine sector’s major events at international level. Food, or rather food as an expression of culture and identity has to be respected, defended and valorised. This was the inspiration for themes like biodiversity and healthy eating education. The fair involves cooks, wine specialists, restaurateurs, journalists and experts, with an increasing number of devoted visitors and fans.

Part of the Salone is the Terra Madre event, the world meeting of food communities which in the last edition brought together almost 9,000 people in Turin: 4,803 farmers, breeders, fishermen and artisan food producers from 1,583 food communities and 150 nations; 953 cooks; 411 professors and representatives from 225 universities; 2,320 observers and guides; 776 volunteers.

The appointment for the next Salone del Gusto is in October 2012.

Introduce your palate to the Chocolate of Torino, the first and the best. Piedmont is a must for food and wine lovers with its small charming villages and “Slow Food” style of touring and a tour of the palate here has to start from the vineyards boasting an unbeatable heritage in terms of wine with 44 “Denominazioni di Origine Controllata” (D.O.C.) and 10 “Origine Controllata e Garantita” (D.O.C.G.), the highest national standard, granted to only 31 wines throughout Italy. Then it continues through the many delicacies that only an area as outstanding as this can offer: meat, to start with as “Razza Piemontese” beef has the lowest cholesterol content of all, then cheeses as stated by the existence of 8 products with “Denominazione di Origine Protetta” (D.O.P.) status and the prized traditional vegetable crops, cultivated on its fertile plains. Then there is the real “king” of regional gastronomy: the white truffle, that little “tuber”, worth more than its weight in gold. A sprinkling of tiny slivers over tajarin pasta or even just fried eggs, releases the truly unique aroma.

The heart of this authentic “cultural revolution” is without a doubt the Slow Food movement, the international association for the promotion of local food and wine culture. Slow Food defends traditional products, including lesser known specialties, organizes training courses and tasting sessions, has established a more mature model of eno-gastronomy and even set up the University of Gastronomic Sciences in Pollenzo, a new centre for training and research, the only one of its kind in the world. The Slow Food movement is also behind some of the region’s best known events: Cheese, Italy’s leading event in the sector, and above all the Salone del Gusto, which we are going to visit, perhaps the most important food and wine event in the world, which brings together the “ambassadors” of world food in the Lingotto Fair Centre every two years.

The Salone del Gusto - The Salone del Gusto is held in Turin (Lingotto Fiere). Scents, colors, sounds, personalities, cultures and histories create the exciting atmosphere around you as you stroll through the lanes of the Salone del Gusto Market. You are on a journey in search of food quality. This year, as never before, the exhibitors are committed to preserving – to guaranteeing – food quality by supporting the Slow Food Manifesto, and by sharing the principles associated with a broader idea of quality attentive to every element in food production.

You will find the very best artisan food products from Italy and the World in the different Pavilions, stops on your ‘tasty journey’ through the market. If you find it hard to satisfy your gastronomic curiosity, all you have to do is change pavilions and go in search of some of the most unusual flavors in the world.

Biodiversity and food education have always been at the heart of the Salone del Gusto and all of Slow Food’s activities, and the inspiration for all the initiatives at the event will come from three key words: good, clean and fair. According to Slow Food, good, clean and fair are the essential components of a new concept of food quality. The slogan is an expression of the association’s desire to create common directives that can be used as reference points to mark the virtuous path all the players in the food chain should follow. And that means everyone, from producers to consumers.

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