Discover the magic of the Etruscan civilization. Here we present studied itinerary for a full understanding of the role of ancient Etruscan life in Italy and the development of later civilizations!

The itineraries listed here will provide the Etruscan art lover with complete in-depth discoveries in all areas where Etruscan civilization was prominent.

You can just visit any of the outlined areas or combine them together for a complete itinerary. 

Each itinerary specifies where it can be originated from and where it is more likely to end.

The programs need to be arranged with a self-drive car and additional nights can be added at any location and in-between city.

We will be happy to help you in arranging your "own Etruscan Discovery". E-mail us your thoughts and we will prepare a sketch itinerary of your trip! 

The Etruscans

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Discover Spina (NorthEast) Departs: Any Day Route: Venice to Florence
This itinerary allows the visitor to explore the Po Delta with the excavations at Spina and Ferrara. Visit the Archeological Museum in Ferrara, then take the road towards Comacchio with splendid views of the "bonifica" of the Po river. Follow the signs to SPINA - the Etruscan necropolis is on both side of the road.Then continue, through the Polesine, to Adria to visit the Archaeological Museum. Ideally one starts in Venice and will explore this area as he/she travels towards Bologna and/or Florence. Hotel overnights can also be arranged in the area or the main cities.A detailed itinerary is prepared for you!

Discover Marzabotto - Departs: Any Day - Route: from Bologna to Florence 
A good complement to a visit of Bologna or visit on the way to/from Florence.Add the visit on a drive from Bologna or Milan to Florence. A good complement to a visit of Bologna or a visit on the way to/from Florence.Visit the Archaeological Museum in Bologna, then take SS. 64 through the Reno valley towards Casalecchio.Pass the Marconi Mausoleum at Sasso Marconi and reach Marzabotto.On the Via Porrettana you will find the museum Pompeo Aria and archaeological area which boasts the acropolis (Misanello) and two necropolis.

Florence and area - Departs: Any Day - Route: from Florence
A complement to any visit to Florence. Visit the important Archaeological Museum, then drive to Fiesole to see the Etruscan remains. Continue to Quinto Fiorentino (three big "tumulo" tombs are found here), then via Sesto Fiorentino and Signa to Comeana (tomb in Montefortini and in Boschetti).Towards Artimino you find the Etruscan necropolis of Pian del Rosello.

Arezzo, Cortona and Perugia - Departs: Any Day - Route: from any of these cities
An Etruscan itinerary (tombs of Cortona and Chiusi, museums of Perugia and Chiusi) mixed with the attraction of towns like Perugia and Arezzo along with small centers like Cortona and Chiusi. Visit the Archaeological Museum of Mecenate in Arezzo.Then drive towards Castiglione and Cortona. At Sodo you can see two big "tumuli", then in Camucia, various Etruscan tombs.Continue into Cortona and visit the Museum of the Etruscan Academy.In Perugia visit the National Museum of Umbrian Archaeology.

Volterra and Murlo - Departs: Any Day - Route: Florence to Siena 
An important itinerary covering the centers of Volterra and Siena. First visit Volterra, unique in Tuscany, and its Etruscan Museum Guarnacci along with the upper part of the city, site of the Etruscan acropolis. The whole town has many Etruscan remains within its walls.Then towards Castellina in Chianti and Montecalvario, site of a "tumulo", to reach splendid Siena.Visit the Archaeological national Museum. Then continue south near the Arbia to Murlo.

Vetulonia and Populonia - Departs: Any Day - Route: Florence to Rome 
The itinerary of the "Maremma", with its important Etruscan Museum in Grosseto and the excavations of Populonia and Roselle, a visit to the main lands of the Etruscan and some important necropolis. After the visit of the Museum in Grosseto, travel to the coast towards Populonia and its famous necropolis. Then to Vetulonia and its necropolis and Roselle on the Ombrone river.

Vulci - Departs: Any Day - Route: Florence to Rome
An important itinerary with Vulci and some of its minor towns, an Etruscan visit with great mediaeval sights. In Orbetello visit the Antiquarium, then to Talamone and a chance to admire the great temple. Continue to Magliano, ancient Heba, and Marsiliana, perhaps the ancient Calestra. Here of special note are the tombs of "Avori", "Fibula" and "Perazzeta".Then drive to Saturnia, with the remains of a pre-Etruscan town, and the various Etruscan necropolis. Via Sovana proceed to Pitigliano, Poggio Buco and Pian di Morrano. After the visit to the necropolis continue to Ischia di Castro and Vulci and its necropolis of over 6,000 tombs. The Museum at Vulci is also important. Not far are the ruins of Vulci.

Lake of Bolsena - Departs: Any Day - Route: Florence to Rome 
The most important visit is the necropolis of Orvieto and the short itinerary touches the excavations of the old towns of Volsinii, Ferentum and Acquarossa. Depart Viterbo towards Lake Bolsena (ancient Volsinii), then to Orvieto with its splendid mediaeval Duomo and important Necropolis of the "Crocifisso del Tufo". Then towards Montefiascone and Ferento (ruins) to Acquarossa.

Tarquinia and the "rock" necropolis - Departs: Any Day - Route: from Rome
An important itinerary with the combination of the "Rock Necropolis" and the splendid tombs of Tarquinia. Starting from Viterbo drive to the archaeological center of Castel d'Asso (about 70 tombs) then to the archeological complex of Norchia and Blera, an area full of tombs and Etruscan remains. Via S. Giuliano you continue to the archaeological area of S. Giovenale (Luni sul Mignone) and Tarquinia with its important Museum (one of the major Etruscan Museums in the world) and Tombs. Exit Tarquinia towards the sea to visit Gravisca, once site of the Etruscan port of Tarquinia

Veio and the Falisco - Departs: Any Day - Route: from Rome 
A discovery of the lower Veio and the eastern portion of the territory of Cerveteri along with its many Etruscan and Roman remains. Depart Rome towards Isola Farnese and Veio with its archaeological compound. Then via Nepi and Civita Castellana to the necropolis of Falerii Veteris. Returning south on the Flaminia Road you will see the remains of Lucus Feroniae, the ancient Capenae.

Cerveteri and Rome - Departs: Any Day - Route: from Rome 
One of the most important Etruscan itineraries. In Rome visit the incredible collection of Villa Giulia and the Gregorian Etruscan museum to prepare you to the visit. Follow the Aurelia road to Cerveteri, ancient Caere. Here is the National Cerite Museum and the Etruscan Necropolis. After the visit continue to S. Severa (excavations of Pyrgi), S. Marinella (ancient Punicum) and Civitavecchia.Visit the National Archaeological Museum and continue to Allumiere with important remains of a villanovian and proto-villanovian center and necropolis. Shortly afterwards you enter the "Tolfa" an area well known for Etruscan remains.


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