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Life is but a journey … to travel is to live twice!

Kerala SunsetTravel opens our eyes to other cultures and people, makes us aware of the differences and, yet, shows how much alike we all are.

When we overnight in typical accommodations that depict the charm of each country, dine on local delicacies, drink traditional beverages, learn something of the languages, and discover areas seldom visited by main-stream tourism, we can truly understand one another better and really become citizens of this beautiful world of ours!

From ecotourism to luxury travel, from unforgettable lodgings to meals we can still describe course-by-course years after we’ve eaten them, we live “la dolce vita” in every language and locale and Vantage’s cultural adventures, culinary tours, cruise expeditions, nature discoveries and family journeys offer true insight of the World to everyone.

Come and visit this beautiful world:

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